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Welcome to my little wormhole on the internet!

Although this site is currently still under construction and my HTML skills aren't as great as I would like them to be, I hope you will enjoy your time!

Gender: Female

Birthday: 24 March 2002

Country: Singapore

Hobbies: Video games, calligraphy, make-up, sewing, graphic design

Favourite colours: Pink, black, purple

Favourite sweets: Strawberry shortcake, creampuff, macaron

Languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese (studying)

My name is Cleo!

Currently, I am a college student studying accounting.

Although I can be a bit shy, I always enjoy chatting and making new friends. I mostly talk about idols, post pics of whatever I'm eating, occasionally complain about what life throws at me and love anything that's cute & pink!

You learn more about a person through talking with them than just reading a biography, so please don't be afraid to drop a message anytime. ^^

As of now, there are no shrines yet but I am working on it slowly!

Ensemble Stars


BanG Dream!



Other series that I love

Ouran High School Host Club, Hunter X Hunter, Cardcaptor Sakura, Soul Eater, K-On!!, Nagi no Asukara, too many more to list

Video games


There are way too many series dear to me but Fire Emblem is the one I've loved and followed for the longest time!