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Welcome to my little wormhole on the internet!

Although this site is currently still under construction and my HTML skills aren't as great as I would like them to be, I hope you will enjoy your time here~

Gender: Female

Birthday: 24 March 2002

Country: Singapore

Hobbies: Calligraphy, merch shopping, gaming, sewing

Favourite colours: Pink, white, grey

Favourite sweets: Strawberry shortcake, creampuff, macaron

Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese (studying)

My name is Cleo!

Currently, I am a college student studying accounting.

Although I can be a bit shy, I always enjoy chatting and making new friends. I mostly talk about idols, post pics of whatever I'm eating, complain about life and love anything that's cute & pink! Also a huge lover of My Melody + Rilakkuma.

You learn more about a person through talking with them than just reading a biography, so please don't be afraid to chat with me. ^^

As of now, there are no shrines yet... but I am working on it, slowly!
So please bear with this boring page for a while.

Ensemble Stars


BanG Dream!



Other series that I love

Ouran High School Host Club, Hunter X Hunter, Cardcaptor Sakura, Soul Eater, K-On!!, Nagi no Asukara

舞台 (Butai)

Other interests

Fashion, calligraphy, sewing, cooking, stationery, and lots of more things that I'm just too lazy to list.